Wednesday, 26 February 2014


So I volunteered to help at a fashion event here in Auckland.  I laugh now (mostly at myself) when I think about my "application" email--which was to an intern 16 years my junior. It was an email that sounded as if I was applying for a job.  I tried to come across as professional, as a hard worker who has the right experience.  Yep and I did have the right put pamphlets in gift bags, then product samples, then the drinks, then....well, you get the idea.  Why would I think that this would be an opportunity to do some thing other than that?!  I am not writing this from a perspective that I am "too good" for the above activity.  Or that the sweet intern who supervised us was anything other than that!   I just built it up in my mind-and this was a time that shouldn't have been built up at all!  Dumb.....

What did I learn? Next time I think I will buy the $45 ticket and go watch the fashion show and leave with a goody bag.   Those fleeting ideas of making contacts and finding an opportunity to use all this potential that is bottled up inside were brushed away with the dust on my knees after stuffing the 1,000th flyer into the last bag. 

What am I meant to do here in New Zealand? I want an answer-NOW, no, I want one yesterday! I'm going to save this as my emotions are getting the best of me and will come back to it later.....maybe there will be an answer for me by then......

Fast forward to Tuesday...... Well folks, emotions have died down and I realize now that all the above frustration wasn't the flyers, the college kids, the hard work, or the dust-covered clothes.  It is a nagging feeling that I can't shake. The feeling that I just don't know what I am meant to do. The feeling that I don't fit anywhere.  So I until I find where I am meant to be, what I am meant to do, where I am to "fit" here I am going to live each day to the best of my ability. Maybe that sounds cheesy, maybe it's cliche.   But I am going to try my best to not waste time wallowing in self-pity. Opportunity comes to those who seek it out--so seek it out I shall!  

Now check out this amazing shot that everyone went crazy for from the Saturday fashion show taken by....yours truly ;) 

Oh, and this one......

And the new MAC LIPSTICK I got on our break: WHAT A BLAST lip pencil with VIVA GLAM RIHANNA lipstick. Boom! 


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I'm still in my adjustment phase.......

I haven't lived here very long and have already come up with this catch phrase in response to the ever present question, "How do you find Auckland?" or "What do you think of New Zealand?"   As a "foreigner" (which is glaringly obvious as soon as I open my mouth) I always feel as though I have to approach this question with a certain delicacy. Ok, I tell myself, just answer with a brief and non offensive response.  With a modest smile I say, "It's good, I'm just getting adjusted..." I find myself sometimes in a similar scenario when an acquaintance or even a stranger asks "How are you doing?"  You've been here before, I know it.  This usually happens when you are having the worst day too.    The polite and most expected response is, "Fine, and how are you?" The person usually doesn't want to know about the nitty gritty of your day in detail (Save that for a vent session with one of your BF's and a nice bottle of vino).  A social nicety warrants another nicety in return-nothing more, nothing less.  

Auckland is a beautiful place but it is not yet home-so I continue to "adjust" and learn about this City and myself-while remembering to respond without offending anyone....finger crossed ;)

In the picture above is a coordinates collection bracelet that I got to commemorate my move here. They are awesome, check them out at! 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Two Days in Melbourne

Arrive Thursday, leave Saturday.  This was a quick trip so I knew I must make the most of the time.  

Thursday: arrive, check in, etc.  Hubbie has a meeting so grab a quick snack and nap.  The we are off, we start at WATERFRONT, on the river   It's a French style cafe that incorporates local items on the menu.  

Then we start walking.  I love walking around a city without a definite plan,  often that is when the best discoveries are made ( and for a type A person like me it feels really crazy and spontaneous).  

A stroll down Hosier St, or Grafitti Alley happens.  This alleyway has been brought to life by artists that use cans of spray paint instead of brushes to breathe into once mundane walls a new life. And when I say "breathe a new life" what I really mean is some rough CPR with a little slip of the tongue at the end.  Dirty and exhilarating at the same time.  

At one end of graffiti lane is the start of  unique eateries and bars that comprise Flinders St.  I thought, why not have our own bar hop and ease on down this road? Which is what we did.  
Stop One: Meatballs and wine: drank wine and jammed to old school rap (DrDre, Snoop, etc).  I know, makes no sense but fun never the less.  I always love singing "in the LBC" or some other famous line from a famous rap song half way around the world knowing I have driven down some of the the same streets those boys have rolled down with their homies....but I digress.   

Stop Two: Tonka-1. I loved the name, at this point it made me giggle because I thought of all the tonka shit my brothers used to have when we were growing up. 2. It was down an alley and the sign was barely visible from the street-must be good! To my surprise it was an Indian fusion, the menu piqued my interest somewhat but it was one drink and time to move on.  
Stop Three GoGo Bar: this is the bar in the basement of Chinchin (will be back to eat there).  The tatted and pierced bartenders have a firm handle on body art but also on making a kick-ass cocktail.  I had a drink that could be described as the rich classy aunt of a piƱa colada.  Nothing spring breakout about this one-presented in an old-school champagne glass.   It was all class :). Then it was time to go to dinner 

Dinner at MoVida-I tried to book at their location on Hosier st but they were full so we went to the one on Bourke St.  I love, love, love Spain and the culinary treasures that can be found in the tapas bars there.  So, naturally when the review I read said the chef was from spain and sought to recreate the same feel of a Spanish tapas bar, I was in!  The food was fresh and delicious. We enjoyed classic dishes,  a Great wine list, congenial servers, and topped it all that off with yummy churros for dessert.  .....Winning!!! 

Friday: This morning consisted of workout, steam, breakfast, dress and out the door.  Which means I left the hotel around 1:00pm.  The intersection at Chapel St and Toraak Rd was my destination, shopping was my goal. The kind waiter at La Camera made a very strong latte, like, palpitation and sweat-inducing strong.  I was "low energy" that day, I now know that's because the flu was creeping up on me and would hit me like Mike Tyson in the Hangover the next day.  Coffee done and I'm off.  Thank you to Life with Bird, Green with envy, top shop, nudie jeans and zomp for helping me unload some cash into the Aussie market ;).

 The evening included pre-dinner drinks, dinner with friends and then we ended the night at the Supper Club drinking espresso martinis and smoking cigars (the boys did anyway).  Here's the view from the roof-top balcony.  

I truly enjoy this city and every time I have to leave I am left feeling as though I didn't have enough time and am already yearning to return.  I like that feeling-Melbourne I think this is that start of a beautiful relationship.